NICHE Development Techniques

Finding a Niche in any industry is not easy. Depending on whether it is a product or service, it can also be expensive to develop. Identifying niches takes research and a deep knowledge in your area of expertise. You need to go through a process of finding the best solution for your niche market. In this book we ask the decision making questions and touch on design processes that will help you create the niche you need to excel in your industry of choice. There are design processes for products, educational and training materials, but before you start designing your niche product you need to be sure that there’s a market for it, that you are truly motivated and consistent in your actions, and that your niche is the product that solves other people’s problems. Testing your niche offering is also a big part of the process, ironing out small issues that could cost you big time if you hadn’t done beta testing. Having a great niche is not enough, it has to be profitable, you have to market it to your niche market and stay ahead of the competition. This book is ideal for anyone that has an idea for a niche product or service but doesn’t quite know how to go about analyzing, designing or marketing their niche idea. Niche is also very popular in education now, especially online education where tutors can design niche courses for highly motivated students that are not studying general subjects but rather have life goals that need specific and customized guidance and education. I hope you enjoy this book, especially finding out how to go about developing and promoting your niche idea.