Tutor Online Without a Degree


Can you teach online without a degree? Correct!


It is possible to become an online tutor without a degree or experience.You definitely can!  Keep reading to find out how and where you can apply for online tutoring jobs that don’t require a formal degree. There are many tutoring platforms where aspiring tutors can find jobs as tutors, even if they don’t have a degree or diploma. The best part is that many of these companies want you to teach online, making it really convenient for tutors to connect with students all over the world.


If you are interested in tutoring online, keep reading. If you have a job and need a change, keep reading. If you are unemployed, keep reading. If you have friends or family that are unemployed, keep reading. 


So what do you need to become an online tutor?


Various tutoring companies have different requirements as entry levels for teaching particular subjects. The level you need to start tutoring at will depend on the platform you are employed by, as well as the subject you decide to teach.


Most tutoring companies require tutors to have a Matric Pass or a GED (General Educational Development), a high school diploma, or other subject-specific certification. 

If you are a student studying a tertiary qualification, that would be an advantage. Having industry related experience would also be an advantage. 


For example, to become an online English teacher, many platforms will require a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate. Tutors in other languages may require similar qualifications.


However, there are online tutoring companies that do not require any other official qualifications. They are open to giving anyone the opportunity to tutor online, irrespective of their qualifications or experience.So if you are a highschool graduate and can teach and explain math really well then you could apply for an online tutoring job. Some companies will require you to do their TEFL course even if you aren’t going to teach English.It’s an income stream for them, it’s a way of vetting you through training and asking you to make a commitment before they introduce you to their client base. 


If you are not interested in doing a TEFL course in order to join a tutoring company you can sign up at a freelancing website like Fivver, Upwork, etc 

You will compete with other tutors for clients through a bidding process. If you get the job, the freelancer platform will deduct a percentage of your income before you can withdraw your income. This could be up to 20% depending on the platform. 


Some tutoring companies provide lesson plans, materials, clients, all you have to do is teach. An online freelancing platform introduces direct competition and you have to create your own lesson plans or find suitable materials you can use. For a novice tutor joining an online tutoring company that supports you with fixed income, clients, resources and training might be the best way to start building a career in education. 

They might negotiate a fixed hourly rate with you and create incentives for you to increase your hourly rate. Some companies will let you choose your own rate and then take a commission from you (This may vary from 100% for the first lesson, then 33% and then that commission rate could decrease down over time to 18% based on a tiered system). Beware of sign up fees or advertising costs or any other hidden charges or fees when joining an online tutoring  company.

All these factors need to be carefully researched when you look for your ideal online teaching job. 


Let’s discuss a few online tutoring platforms where tutors can apply for work without having completed a university or college degree. 


Online Tutoring Platforms that accept Tutors that do not have degrees 


The online tutoring platforms listed below provide an incredible opportunity for anyone to start working as an online tutor. 

None of these online tutoring companies require a bachelor’s degree but other qualifications may be needed before the online tutoring company accepts applicants. These companies might have other requirements like location or nationality for example. If you cannot get a job with any of the companies listed below for any reason, do your own research and you will find a company that will accept you as a tutor. If you have a low skill or experience level, start by searching for conversational online classes in your native language. If you have a subject you are passionate about, but you have no experience, start volunteering, go help out a school, join a language school, find an NGO (Non Government Organization), work for free to pad your cv with the skills you need to get to your next life goal. So if you are not eligible to work for a company listed below, don’t be disappointed and don’t give up. 


List of Platforms:




Revolution Prep

Knowledge Roundtable





Preply is an online tutor company that connects language students, subjects, interests and  hobbies etc. with an online tutor. At Preply, you don’t need a teaching certificate or even teaching experience. You must be a subject matter expert in your subject area. If you wish to teach certain subjects you will need a teaching degree that indicates your qualification in those subjects in order to do so. offers tutoring on almost everything. pairs students with tutors based on needs, skill levels and experience. A bachelor’s degree is not required to work at, they do however require a Matric Certificate, a GED or a high school diploma.



Wyzant supplies potential students with a suggested list of tutors. Wyzant does not require any tertiary qualifications for tutors to be accepted, but they must be based in the United States and have a social security number.


Revolution Prep

Revolution Prep is an online tutoring company for individuals and or small groups that study together, they study courses that are related to high school curriculum. A degree or qualification would be preferable, but not essential, for an online tutor to start working there. The o online tutors work full-time, with less flexible hours, but better income security.


Knowledge Roundtable

The Knowledge Roundtable has no qualification or certification or location requirements to begin online tutoring. It is harder to get students as it is not as popular as other tutor companies. Check on their advertising policy.


Become an online tutor without teaching experience


Even if you don’t have tutoring experience, you can still find a job with online tutoring.


It is important to use the knowledge, experience and qualifications you have and present them in the best way on the platform you intend to teach. Like a job interview, it’s about showing your depth of knowledge and skills regarding your subject matter and how you can present it. 


How to become a tutor using your work and life experience.


Whether your project is teaching languages, basic accounting, or something related to a hobby, it is essential that you have a deep understanding of the subject matter or interest you have selected. Even without a university or college degree to support your knowledge, you’ll need to use what you know to demonstrate your expertise. Having a concise understanding of teaching principles would be a great advantage.


The key is to choose the correct teaching method to explain what needs to be learnt (the learning objective) and then allow the students to show you what they have learnt (learning outcome).


If you would like to teach English online, being a native speaker is a massive advantage. A basic lesson like having a conversation in your native language to a foreign student that wants to improve their skills is an income opportunity.


For other subjects, try to take advantage of your work experience, add links in your cv to a LinkedIn profile or a free teacher profile. Use your work experience in your subject area, even if you didn’t teach others. A former legal assistant, an aircraft mechanic or retired nurse will have a lot of practical knowledge to share as well as industry related jargon, equipment, parts, examples of discussions for processes and procedures. A good background in a sought after market could create a niche tutoring opportunity for someone that is qualified but a university or college graduate. 


Highlight relevant experience


It goes without saying that having more teaching experience will give you a competitive edge. It helps to find jobs as an online tutor and also to improve the quality of the lessons you teach.


If you have no teaching experience ask yourself if there are any other experiences that you can highlight?


Getting experience working or volunteering with children or adults can demonstrate your ability to work with people and or teach students. 

Align your work experiences with the skills required in the job advertisement or application that gets you hired as an online tutor. 


Have an educational goal


Find a subject matter area that you are passionate about and can build on by getting a better qualification. A better qualification will open up more doors not only to tutor online but to work in other industries while being able to earn a better income online as a university or college graduate. If you are not inclined or able to study for an academic qualification, find ways that will enhance your profile as a tutor. Study your subject area, develop a niche, complete short courses, volunteer or work in the industry to get more experience, knowledge and bulk up your CV.

If you want to teach the English language, it’s essential to get a certificate that is recognized and accepted all over the world. A TEFL certification does not take long to complete and can be done online or in person depending on your preference and location. A TEFL certification will open doors, especially with TEFL companies that already have online job opportunities. 


What are you waiting for? 


A sign?…this is the sign. The stay at home online economy is only getting bigger, it’s not going away. It will however get more competitive as the world economy shrinks, more and more people do not want to commute to work anymore, and traditional jobs being lost to downsizing as industries suffer economic contractions, implement automation, implement AI, close down due to too much bad debt, etc, etc. 


So this is the perfect time to get a new job, hedge against losing your job, make the change you wanted because now you know how. 

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Thanks for reading this article and the best of luck for 2023. 



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