Why is online tutoring so attractive for inexperienced, experienced or retired teachers needing an income stream? 


The benefits of tutoring online are numerous. 

You can teach from the comfort of your home. There’s no time lost on travelling to work or money spent on transport costs.  

There’s also less risk of getting sick, contracting a virus or being subjected to rude and or violent students.

Educators that have immune deficiencies or physical challenges could be more comfortable and have more peace of mind working from home. 

You can determine which subjects you want to teach and when you want to teach. Determining the amount of time you want to teach per month allows you to spend more time with friends, family and on hobbies, sports and interests. Experienced educators can also present niche lessons to increase their incomes. 

Inexperienced and or non degreed educators can start tutoring online by offering their services to tutoring websites. Some companies will employ non-degreed individuals that have no experience for conversation classes, low level general subject areas and the rate per hour may be low but you need to consider the benefits of gaining experience and how this could lead to bigger and better opportunities. Upskilling your qualifications, gaining experience and becoming a subject matter expert on your subject area will make teaching and learning more enjoyable and financially rewarding. Completing a TEFL Qualification would be a good start to increasing your chances of getting hired. 

Teaching has always been a rewarding profession, but it can also be challenging and time-consuming. With the growth of the internet, it’s now easier than ever to supplement your income with online tutoring.

If you are unqualified or you don’t have a teaching background you can learn about the principles of teaching as well as how to go about teaching online or overseas in our new book:

The Beginners Guide for New Online Tutors, Teachers, Trainers and Homeschoolers: The quick start train the trainer styled handbook to help you become a successful educator and create an income. 

Follow a compact and concise 13 unit introduction to educating in a train the trainer styled format covering the most fundamental principles (Qualities of a Great Educator, Preparing to Present, Student Learning Styles, Instructional Methods,  Designing Lesson Plans, Activities and Assessments,  Engaging Students,  Pair and Group Work, Question and Answer Techniques, Basic Strategies for Providing Structure in the Classroom, Online Teaching & Tutoring, Home Schooling, Training, The ESL (English as Second Language) Option) that will become a foundation for you as an educator going forward.

Online Teaching and Tutoring covers technology, online resources, online teaching options, creating an online presence and rules for online classroom management. What type of employment would suit you? Tutor company, Free Lancing Platforms, or being self employed teaching Niche subject matter?

Home Schooling asks questions about whether you and your children are ready to start homeschooling (Know yourself and Your Children), how to start Creating a Learning Space, advice on Internet Security, Motivating your Children, touches on the Law and gives Ideas for Homeschooling.

Training covers advice on Becoming a Subject Matter Expert, Identifying the Stakeholders, Identifying Training Needs, Designing the Training, Planning and Organizing the Training, Communication, Deliver the Training and Evaluating the Training. This unit basically covers the Training Cycle with advice on developing skills and avoiding the pitfalls of arranging a training event.

The ESL unit covers 36 Key Points to Consider when researching or applying for an ESL job and What Research  Questions you should be asking. The ESL market is vast and spans across many countries that each offer opportunities and question marks regarding how you could or would integrate into them from a language, race, religion, nationality and cultural perspective amongst many other variables such as living arrangements, transport, vacation time, flights, pay scale, hidden costs, diet, healthcare, travel opportunities, historical points of interest, family visas, weather patterns and cost of living, Public vs Private Institutions? etc.

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